Photo of a dork.

Hi, Internet!

My name is Matthew Riley MacPherson,
but people call me tofumatt.

I’m some guy who rides motorcycles, writes a blog and works at Mozilla.

About me

I’m a web developer from Canada, currently living in England. I love Thai food, open source, and travel. I make web apps at Mozilla. I’m a total motorcycle junkie and I sometimes find graphic designers cute.

Current Projects

High Fidelity
HTML5 Podcasts app with offline support. Available as an Open Web App on Firefox OS.
Face Value
Cash-based currency converter. Free on the App Store, as an Open Web App, or simply a web app.
Fog Burner
A Mac menubar app that keeps your display from sleeping.
Offline storage in JavaScript, improved.
An open-source Rails app for tracking job applications by sarah semark. I contribute mostly server-side and front-end test code.

Other Work

An HTML5 Foursquare client. Available on the Firefox Marketplace.
Conference Katamari
SIX IS THE LIMIT. The golden conference rule.
Mozilla’s community directory. I was a lead developer on the first version of the app.
Mozilla’s Django app template, used by Firefox Input, Mozillians, and
Firefox Nightly
I maintain the Firefox Nightly download page and moved the code to GitHub. (My first commit at Mozilla!)
Mozilla Webdev Bootcamp
I helped dogfood, and now help maintain, the Web Developer bootcamp at Mozilla.
I refactored the entire front-end and JS stack at, as well as made massive usability improvements to their map.
Nova Scotia Government
I created the Nova Scotia Government's Twitter account, helped move government onto GitHub and open source technology, and improved accessibility and process.

You can email me or follow me on Twitter.