Photo of a dork.

Hi, Internet!

My name is Matthew Riley MacPherson,
but people call me tofumatt.

I’m some guy who rides motorcycles, writes a blog, and works on free software.

About me

I’m a software developer from Canada, currently living in Scotland. I love Thai food, open source, and travel.

I have no discernible circadian rhythm and I never get jet-lag. I’m a total motorcycle junkie and I sometimes find graphic designers cute.


Offline storage in JavaScript, improved. I'm the author and co-maintainer of localForage, used in production on sites like,, and
New Add-ons Website
I'm one of the senior developers working on the new Mozilla Add-ons website, written entirely in React with over 90% test coverage. This new website is fast, entirely responsive, and highly accessible, allowing millions of Firefox users to get the best add-ons for their system and manage them right from the web.
Add-ons Linter
I helped create the add-ons linter that scans and validates every Firefox add-on submitted to This tool allowed Mozilla to stop requiring manual add-on review and prioritise reviews based on risk factors identified by the linter.
Conference Katamari
SIX IS THE LIMIT. The golden conference rule.


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