Photo of a dork.

Hi, Internet!

My name is Matthew Riley MacPherson,
but people call me tofumatt.

I’m some guy who rides motorcycles, writes a blog and works at Mozilla.

About me

I’m a web developer living in Montreal, Canada. I love Thai food, vintage motorcycles, and world travel. I make web apps at Mozilla, the company behind the lovely Firefox web browser. I like to hack on other things, from computers to cocktails. I'm a total motorcycle junkie and I sometimes find graphic designers cute.

My work

High Fidelity
HTML5 Podcasts app with offline support. Available as an Open Web App on Firefox OS.
Face Value
An iOS app that shows you the value of cash in the country you’re visiting. Free on the App Store, and also available as an Open Web App or simply a web app.
A simple JavaScript API for asynchonous offline storage in modern web browsers. Supports IE 8+, ES6 Promises, and is used in production in the lightweight, offline version of the Firefox Marketplace.
Strongly Typed
I have a blog where I write about development, motorcycles, and probably other things.

Get in touch

I like to speak about JavaScript, building web apps, offline storage, and the role of the web in building products. The browser isn't always part of the solution, but the web probably is. I'm good at talking about that kind of stuff.

You can email me or follow me on Twitter.