Photo of Matt, wearing sunglasses, smiling outside in front of a glass building.

My name is Matthew Riley MacPherson, but on the Internet people call me tofumatt.

I’m some guy who rides bikes, writes words, and works on software. (I’m available for hire.)

About me

I’m a software developer from Canada, currently living in Scotland. I love Thai food, open source, and vintage motorcycles.

I have no discernible circadian rhythm and I never get jet-lag. I’m frequently coding in airports. Oh, and I sometimes find graphic designers cute.

Current Projects

Nautilus Design System/Component Library
Nautilus is a design system, built for flexibility, efficiency, and beauty. It’s an accessibility-focused, flexible, and modern React-based design system used by Octopus Think, the consulting and development company my partner and I run together.
Offline storage in JavaScript, improved. I’m the author and co-maintainer of localForage, used in production on sites like WordPress.com, addons.mozilla.org, and mobile.twitter.com.
Conference Katamari
SIX IS THE LIMIT. The golden conference rule.

For more info, have a look at my CV. Maybe you want to hire me, say to write some software or fix your computer.


You can email me if you want to get in touch. You can follow me on Twitter, but I tend to avoid using it these days. My PGP public key is available online if you need it.