Edge Conf 2015 in London


I spoke at Edge Conference 2015 in London as part of the Front End Data panel. I talked a bit about localForage, but generally tried to be the champion of IndexedDB–the low-level API everyone loves to hate.

I think the talk went well; Nolan Lawson gave an awesome intro talk, and I thought Jake Archibald kicked ass as the moderator.

Thanks to everyone on the panel; I thought it was a good mix of simple and complex library developers.

Thoughts on the Conference

Sadly, I couldn’t stay for the entire conference, but I caught up on the other talks online. Everything technical was handled perfectly. The entire conf was live-streamed and recorded, and within a few weeks all videos were online. Every panelist had their own mic, with throwable mics provided for audience members. We had lots of pre-conference communication amongst attendees and panelists using Google Docs and Moderator. Slack was used at the conf and from what I could tell the wifi held up perfectly despite it being a one-room conference. Overall: 👍🏻

The level of audience involvement was very high but not disruptive. The moderators all did an excellent job at keeping the panels on-track but allowing interesting discussions to take precedence over the decided-upon questions.

Knowing our questions in advance meant the panelists could formulate articulate and thoughtful answers. We took advantage of this at the speaker’s dinner the night before the conference: each panel sat together at a table and we were able to chat about each question together. This allowed us to figure out the dynamic of each panelist before the conference and let each person answer questions that they were the most passionate and informed about.

Security at the Facebook office was strict. It felt like about a dozen security contractors were working, and they were especially fastidious about us keeping conference lanyards on at all times. It was hosted at the Facebook London office, so I guess they’re just sensitive about all the equipment and intellectual property there. Mozilla office events don’t usually have this level of security, so I found it a bit odd and off-putting.

The conference was awesome and I had a great time. I was really happy to meet Nolan and especially enjoyed Yan’s security intro. I had heard good things about previous Edge Conferences and I’m already excited for the next one. 😀